Menopause Natural Treatment Melbourne

Menopause is the cessation of regular menstrual blood flow and occurs mainly due to decreased level of hormones that promote normal menstruation. Menopause brings significant physical, mental and psychological changes in the female. She becomes fretful, agitated, stressed and shows symptoms of anxiety. Natural menopause treatments for anxiety helps a female cope with different challenges of menopause. Natural menopause treatments for anxiety include change in life style, adopting different set of eating habits and use of natural medicines.

  • Change in the life style is the most important menopause natural treatment Melbourne. Changes in life style include following components:
  • Stress management: Stress and anxiety are two closely related terms that are commonly seen with menopause. Any menopause natural treatment Melbourne that involves the management of stress also reduces the level of anxiety in such females. Different techniques for stress management involve:
  • Avoiding discussion with people or on topics that aggravate  stress and anxiety
  • Adding some humor in the life
  • Adoption of different hobbies and activities that help reduce levels of anxiety
  • Avoiding thinking too much about uncontrollable things and always thinking about the bright side of the issue
  • Exercise and yoga: Regular exercise and yoga help reducing the anxiety so is a good menopause natural treatment Melbourne. Exercise and yoga have proven effect on mental and physical health of menopausal women, gives them a sense of control over their lives and helps releasing several brain relaxing chemicals.
  • Proper sleep: Getting adequate sleep especially during night time is an important menopause natural treatment Melbourne. Normal sleeping hours can improve physical and mental health and also helps managing stress and anxiety.
  • Social interactions: Establishing good socials ties can help controlling anxiety in menopausal women.  Anxiety levels are significantly reduced when a female involves herself in social activities like going into family gatherings, spending time with family etc.
  • Work load: Work load should be minimum in menopausal women as shouldering extra work aggravates anxiety.
menopause natural treatment melbourne

menopause natural treatment melbourne

Natural menopause treatments for anxiety also include changing the eating habits which include:

  • Drinking a lot of water, juices and drinks that helps body stay hydrated throughout the day
  • An increase in carbohydrate intake can decrease anxiety. Carbohydrates trigger the release of serotonin which is a brain hormone that improves brain health and helps a person calm his mind
  • Avoid eating heavy meals as over eating triggers stress and anxiety. Instead, try to eat smaller meals at regular intervals
  • Increase intake of tryptophan is an effective menopause natural treatment Melbourne. It is mainly present in milk, banana, soya and oats.
  • Anxiety can be managed be eating fruits and vegetable diet rich in anti-oxidants
  • By reducing the intake of caffeine as too much caffeine intake can affect brain health
  • Another menopause natural treatment Melbourne includes use of herbal medicines. Non-estrogenic herbs e.g. mcafem, can improve the hormonal imbalance normally seen in menopause. Natural treatments for dry skin during monopause include use of coconut oil, hydration, use of herbs and diet rich in minerals and vitamins.
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