Dentist Templestowe: A Take on Causes of Toothaches

I have had several pains at different parts of my body, but the one I dread most is a toothache as it can make one miserable beyond explanation. Dentist Templestowe explains the major causes of toothache often overlooked by patients. Don’t forget that a problem identified is halfway solved; so knowing the causes of this terrible pain is a sure way to enjoying repeated and lasting dental health.

There are obviously several reasons why people experience toothaches but here are the topmost causes, which you can rehearse without stress to your loved ones, kids and friends.

Tooth infection/decay

The first on our dentist Templestowe list is tooth decay, which is the most rampantly experienced by the person. Immediately you start having pains caused by tooth decay, it means the dentin area of the tooth has been affected because it is only when that layer is affected that you can begin to feel such pains. As soon as the dentin layer is infected, your tooth develops a cavity and becomes really sensitive. As soon as you feel a sharp pain instead of an ache from the affected part, there’s the possibility that the decay might have gone down the center of the tooth, and can result into more complications if left untreated.

Damaged dental fillings/sealants

The tooth is a fragile and vulnerable part that is often protected by dental fillings that covers up fractures, pits and deep grooves around it. The destruction of these coverings exposes the tooth to annoying bacteria, hot temperatures and unwanted food particles that lead from gradual to intense unbearable pain. If you sense any damages in your tooth sealant, do not waste time to consult a dentist Templestowe for immediate attention before it degenerates further.

Gum infection/disease

Some features of gum infection include bleeding or red gum and heaviness in the mouth. This result from inflammation of the gum and its surroundings and the general feeling of the inflammation and uneasiness in the dental health at this point is a toothache. Untreated gum infection can lead to more dental complications like total teeth lost, which can only be corrected through surgical operation.

Poor tooth brushing/flossing practices

Do you often brush your teeth so hard as if washing dirty dishes?  If yes, you are prone to toothache because improper flossing and brushing practices cause bleeding, irritated and inflamed gums. It is advisable to use soft toothbrushes coupled with appropriate brushing styles.

Teeth Grinding Habit

People have different habits–both healthy and unhealthy ones without paying any attention to their impacts. Those found with this habit do so while sleeping or as pastimes. For others, they grind their teeth when under stress. Consistent teeth grinding is unhealthy for you and can lead to a severe toothache coming from the forceful clenching and rubbing of teeth violently together. Wearing mouth guards or other preventive measures especially while sleeping can help reduce this menace.

Swollen tooth/tooth abscess

This is another cause of toothaches resulting from the advanced decay of the tooth down to its root. Such a high degree of infection lead to severe pain that often makes it difficult for the exact affected tooth to be easily spotted. The best thing is to identify the affected tooth early enough and get it treated; otherwise, it might cause entire tissue and bone loss.

Cracked tooth

There is always the tendency to have tooth fractures from different means such as a fall, hitting it on a hard surface or object and biting a sharp object. All these make the tooth to have a crack which can either be minor or major. If a crack affects the tooth to the middle of the tooth region, you will definitely have an unbearable pain leading to a toothache. Except in severe cases, pains associated with tooth fractures and other cracks get worsen over time when left unattended. This is why patients are advised to do regular dental checks for such inherent experiences.

Final thought

As earlier said, there are other reasons for toothaches but the essential ones have been mentioned here. As you take care of other parts of the body, your dental health should not be relegated. Get in touch with dentist Templestowe for all related dental cares and queries.

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